Report by jim regarding russian and ukraine dating and scammers

26 Jan

Many of the most articulate and thoughtful Russians and Ukrainians, those of middle age who knew the realities of Soviet life and later prospered in the post-Soviet world, have moved abroad, gone into a small business or been intimidated: in any case they have been taken out of the political arena.In Russia and Russophone Ukraine the stage is left to neo-Soviet populists who propagate the false notion of the USSR as a paradisiac Russian-speaking commonwealth, benignly ruled from Moscow, a natural continuum of the tsarist empire, disturbed only by Nazi invaders to whom ‘the west’ are heirs and the only obstacle to its re-creation.Russians and Ukrainians of the 1990s were able to temper regret at the collapse of the USSR with their own knowledge of the dismembered country’s shortcomings.A generation later, this is less and less the case.VKontakte translates roughly to "In Touch," but I was not there to make lasting friendships.I wanted to find and speak to some of the young women who have drawn foreign bachelors with the hopes of finding Eastern European wives to the site.Scammers target the vulnerable—widows and widowers, the elderly, the lonely and isolated.They ask their marks to send money for travel expenses, steal their identities, or even, occasionally, convince them to commit crimes.

*** Stephen Ewald, a 40-year-old accountant from Michigan, met his fiancée — a 24-year-old Ukrainian named Alina Chumakova — on VKontakte in 2009.In contrast, Ukrainian men hardly ever message her—"it's not in [their] nature."But the messages she receives, she said, are invariably dull."Standard compliments, inviting to visit them," Galugan said.Charm is an online dating platform that claims to be the most popular international online dating network where men from all over the world can meet gorgeous women from Russia and Ukraine.But, is this a legitimate service or are there significant clues that prove Charm is using scamming tricks to rip off its members?