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from East Asia, Europe, Pan-America, Hawaii and South Africa.

We used six genetic markers to estimate a genus-level phylogeny including (1) the internal transcribed spacer (ITS), (2) nuclear large subunit r DNA (nr LSU), (3) nuclear small subunit r DNA (nr SSU), (4) translation elongation factor 1-α (EF-1α), (5) DNA-directed RNA polymerase II subunit 2 (RPB2), and (6) mitochondrial small subunit r DNA (mt SSU).

Among birds and many other animals voice seems to play a great role in meeting one of those demands — reproduction — and it seems to be similarly important in humans.

For example, women may disagree on whether they prefer dark-skinned men with beards, clean-shaven blonds, or men of any appearance sitting in the driver’s seat of a Lamborghini — but when asked to rate men they can hear but not see, women miraculously tend to agree: men with deeper voices are more attractive.

The tree obtained from the Maximum likelihood (ML) analysis and the maximum parsimony (MP), maximum likelihood (ML) and Bayesian posterior probability (BPP) values based on the dataset are shown in Fig. The aligned ITS matrix comprises 514 positions, of which 378 are constant, 11 are variable and parsimony uninformative, and 125 are parsimony informative.

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People spend a lot of time talking and thinking about how members of the opposite sex look, but very little time paying attention to how they sound.

To our unconscious minds, however, voice is very important.