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03 Oct

Somehow, every conversation would end up about my boobs or my butt or his thing. We shared our wildest sex fantasies, our favourite positions and also the ones we wanted to try with each other.There were no inhibitions - we could talk about anything, share our weirdest thoughts without any fear of being judged.

I’ve taught a lot of guys about how to talk to women, online and in person.He had this knack for turning any conversation into sexting; he could find sexual innuendos in almost every word.He was so subtle that often I wouldn’t even realize how our conversation had turned into sexting. ;)To be honest, I never felt offended or exploited by what he said in those texts. He would tease me, compliment me..I would do the same to him.Those guys that flame guys are often the ones that say the really detestable things to female players. You don't have to use voice but we're cool so you might want to.My group of friends consists of around 5 girls and there's a strict no sexism rule. Just add me (tel#1347)It's ok, just stick to quickplay or enjoy your rank 40 after a couple of losses on ranked.