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23 Oct

I like the idea emotionally but if they’re cute enough — who’s looking at their books? In Pink Flamingos, when they come down the steps, there’s the poster for Boom! I love it because it’s terrible and brilliant and perfect. I’ve seen people that say “Come over and we’ll watch John Waters movies, I’ve got them all! Someone said to me, “If you went home with a racist and they were cute enough, could you? It’s just if they start talking you go "lalalalala" or you put something in their mouth and shut ‘em up. If you knew before you got home that they were a racist I would think that would be wrong, but if you’re already there — as long as they stop talking, it’s fine. But you can’t just say “haha that’s funny” and crack a racist joke. If you go home with an asshole you can still fuck them. It’s a great combination that you can’t ever fake – it just has to happen. ” Their line is to say come over and we’ll watch John Waters movies! You’ve always tried to steer clear of them, and you’ll always be baffled as to why they are so mean to you and not as much so to others. You’ve never done anything to these jerks (that you know of).You have to get people to listen to you, and you have to get people to laugh. And in America the last-ditch effort they made was to add an exclamation point to the title so it really is called BOOM! That’s the first step in politics is to make someone laugh and then they’ll listen to what you have to say.

Bonus Trick: Next time this person is a jerk to you, do a little more than simply stay silent.Regardless, there are plenty of reasons to mourn, hate, or long for your last relationship, and there’s a quote to fill every niche.[Read: 8 post-breakup questions you should be asking yourself] “You were a douchebag,” “I hate you,” and “Go fall into a ditch! ” #3 Bargaining or “Maybe if I had done X, Y, or Z, they would have stayed.” #4 Depression or “I can’t go on.” People have chosen various methods of dealing with these stages, some of these methods involve words of wisdom and famous quotes to aspire to.