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16 Jan

Addition to QLeap's post: Simple XML will return a reference to an object containing the node value and you can't use references in session variables as there is no feasible way to restore a reference to another variable.

This won't work too:$val=$this-name;echo $array[$val]; // will cause a warning because of the wrong index type.

The javadocs provide comprehensive documentation of the entire API, as well as being a very useful reference on aspects of HTML and XML in general.

Visit the Source project page at for downloads and support.

Use pip version 8 or newer to install the downloaded files. Many binaries depend on numpy-1.13 mkl and the Microsoft Visual C 2008 (x64, x86, and SP1 for CPython 2.7), Visual C 2010 (x64, x86, for CPython 3.4), or the Visual C 2015 (x64 and x86 for CPython 3.5 and 3.6) redistributable packages.

Chances are they do not work with custom Python distributions included with Blender, Maya, Arc GIS, OSGeo4W, ABAQUS, Cygwin, Pythonxy, Canopy, EPD, Anaconda, Win Python etc.It is an open source library released under the Eclipse Public License (EPL), GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), and Apache Licence.You are therefore free to use it in commercial applications subject to the terms detailed in any one of these licence documents.Jericho HTML Parser is a java library allowing analysis and manipulation of parts of an HTML document, including server-side tags, while reproducing verbatim any unrecognised or invalid HTML.It also provides high-level HTML form manipulation functions.