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18 Sep

Seven months ago, when Vanitha interviewed her, Priya Mani was reluctant to answer the questions on her love life. She didn’t respond to even when gossip columns were filled with her stealthy love affair and wedding rumours. To the question whether her lover has any connections with Celebrity Cricket League, the answer was a simple 'Yes'.As in the case of Aamir Khan, trolls construed it as anti-India and asked her to leave the country if she found it unsafe.She had to clarify that she didn’t mean what they read, but the trolls continued with their banishment orders.In Bollywood, she played the sister of Abhishek Bachchan in the Hindi version of Raavan, shook a leg with Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express, and was Suriya’s wife in his Hindi debut in Rakta Charitra II.Currently, she is the celebrity judge of the popular show, D 4 Dance.

Among the rest of the actors who followed suit, Mammooty was rhetorical.He also makes enemies of the gang of goons headed by Sudhi (Bala), the youngest sibling of the two goons who control the real estate mafia in the city.As luck would have it Sudhi's fiancee Anjana (Priyamani) develops a liking for Krishna.After a while, Priya herself ended the speculations stating that “I have been in love for the past four years. Musthafa Raj, who is the owner of an event company in Mumbai, is my would be." Here is the beautiful and talented Priya Mani and her beau Musthafa Raj talking to Manorama for the first time after disclosing their love affair to the world. Priya: Actually we met through Celebrity Cricket League. That day while leaving, Musthafa asked my mobile number.Actress Sridevi’s husband and Bollywood producer Bonney Kapoor is a very good friend of Musthafa. Initially, we talked through messages once in a while but slowly, it became an everyday affair. Musthafa: When we first met, I found Priya as a very simple girl, a person without any show-offs. I know her for four years now and she hasn’t changed a bit.