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I remember when i first started going here and got addicted for the first time. Its sad to see some people go, but also fun to meet new people.

Offender acknowledged he was a paedophile - age and health relevant – but these were serious offences over a period of years up to 2011 - active predatory offender despite his age - no sign that offending conduct was likely to cease Befriended families of two victims – indecently assaulted 9y female on several occasions – rubbed vagina over clothes - hugged victim pushing penis against chest – rubbed nipples and kissed navel and neck – indecently assaulted 7y victim – tickled, squeezed and rubbed vagina on outside of clothes – significant breach of trust Filmed himself performing cunnilingus on 2y daughter – filmed 11y step daughter, 9y step son and 13y step daughter showering – took photos of 2y daughter in bath holding open labia – took photos of 11y step daughters vagina – child abuse material found on computer – some pictures at top of COPINE scale Sexually assaulted 8y daughter one day in bathroom – forced V to perform fellatio twice and rubbed penis between buttocks – caught by wife – immediate confession – confessed to similar offences on earlier occasion12 child victims – victims were daughters of friend; children who boarded in same residence as A; and children of mother with whom A had relationship– representative charges- Cunnilingus - Digital/vaginal penetration - Penile/Anal intercourse - Penile/ Vaginal intercourse - Rubbing of genitals - Fellatio while masturbating.1991 – 2011 – befriended vulnerable teenage and pre-teenage boys – rewarded them and provided alcohol and pills – became foster carer to one boy – seven victims – physical caning – fellatio and anal intercourse – indecent assault Pornography offences – 7000 images, 280 videos, 2500 printed photos, 13 written stories – covered all five categories – email communication with man in America in 2006 – weapons were handcuffs and extendable baton Farmhand sexually abused 8y daughter of employer – touched vagina, buttocks and chest – partial penile penetration – abuse of trust – predatory nature of offences – implicit threat – element of planning Offences occurred over seven month period from July 2011 to February 2012 – victims aged 5 to 12 years old – female victims and also involved A's young son – A part of community organisation - abused children of families that trusted him as a friend – cunnilingus, fellatio, digital penetration, penile-vaginal penetration 17 offences committed against 9 victims over an 11 year period from 2003 to 2014 - victims male and female aged between 8 and 15 - offending usually occurred at A's home where visitors with children would go to socialise – reaching inside clothing or swimwear of a child and touching genitals – oral and anal intercourse.

Redetermination of sentence following grant of special leave by High Court –Court had been inadvertently misled as to correct offence provision for one the offences – lesser maximum penalty and standard non-parole period applied – Crown did not oppose imposition of a lower aggregate sentence.1989-1991 – grabbed five victims from public areas during day and dragged into bush, derelict house, stormwater drain or demolition site – sexually assaulted victims – threatened two victims with knife – victims aged 9-17y and unknown to offender Paedophile network extending overseas – nine counts of sexual offending against five children - A, with couple X and Y, committed sexual offences involving X and Ys children (boy 12 and girl 11) and other children (female 4, boy 11, boy 15) - videos depicting each engaging in sexual abuse - numerous "chat logs" revealed paedophile network extending throughout Australia and overseas - A, X and Y at "hub" of network, creating websites for sharing of child pornography - number of offenders arrested in UK including couple in Hampshire with whom A, X and Y had many chat sessions exchanging videos of abuse of their own children.

Offences committed over 4 years on 7 boys aged 9-15y – Range of sexual acts including fondling penis, oral intercourse, forced fellatio, anal intercourse, gross indecency – Encouraged sexual acts between boys – Videotaped conduct – No violence – Willing complainants Gymnastics instructor assaulted 9y pupil – forced fellatio, digital penetration and rubbed penis against buttocks – second offences committed when forced two young boys into van – tied hands behind back and forced to floor of van – anal intercourse on youngest boy – touched penis, testicles and buttocks of older boy – took photos Sexual offences committed over 15y against daughter and step-daughter – Offences commenced when C aged 11y and 14y – Penile / vaginal intercourse with foreplay and self masturbation – Assaulted daughter when she ran away by shaving her head, hanging her from rafters and keeping her in room with dog collar for week – Fellatio and cunnilingus with both complainants at same time – Strip poker involving intercourse and second man - Threats and violence against all family members – Bizarre family environment Sexually assaulted stepdaughter – forced fellatio when victim aged 7-8y – full penile intercourse when victim aged 8y – subsequent intercourse resulted in pregnancy and birth of child – forced intercourse while victim had stitches from giving birth – punched victim in eye before forcing intercourse Sexually abused son and two daughters – forced mutual fellatio and masturbation when son aged 10-12y – digital penetration of daughter aged 13y on three occasions – indecent assaulted on second 13y daughter – offences on first two victims representative counts Representative counts – Offences committed against 6 complainants including younger brothers - Indecently assaulted one brother since child aged 3y, including buggery at 14y – Fondling and rubbing penis, placing complainant's penis in mouth, rubbing against buttocks, anal penetration1978-1986: Oral and anal intercourse, masturbation and indecent touching outside clothing – victims aged 10-15y – representative counts – targeted children from troubled homes and befriended them - no violence of force but significant breach of trust Custodian of 12y C - Sexually abused her over 13 months - Penile - vaginal intercourse - Anal intercourse - Forced intercourse with dog - Sexual intercourse at same time with second offender - Gross betrayal of trust Looking after 13y female - Requested sex from C three times - C drugged and awoke to find injuries on vagina - Drugged 14y C then forced her to have penile/vaginal intercourse - 16y C drugged and awoke to find underwear removed.1988-1995 – sexually activity with two daughters, step-daughter, step-son and niece aged 13-17y – sexual intercourse with victims – supervised and encouraged step-son to have regular intercourse with step-sister1953-1980 – sexually abused seven members of family – representative counts – anal intercourse with step daughter and young step son caused injury – placed hand over mouth of 8y step daughter to prevent screaming during vaginal intercourse – placed pillow over head of 4y victim to prevent screaming during vaginal intercourse – extreme sexual and nonsexual violence – kicked female victim with steel capped boots causing unconsciousness – forced sexual depravity with family dog Representative counts against 15 school students aged 7-11y between 1976-1987 – Teaching brother in Catholic Church – Total control over complainants and situation – Enticed complainants to room to look at train set – Fondled genitals – Masturbated C to orgasm – Mutual masturbation – Forced mutual masturbation between complainants – Simulated intercourse – Some complainants undressed – Indecently assaulted girls in classroom – Digitally penetrated two girls at desk of classroom – Assaulted girls in theatre – Cunnilingus – Forced masturbation – In school playground forced C to touch naked penis – Called one C to classroom during school fete – Returned to assault one C 3 years later Incited son to have intercourse with mother and Respondent's girlfriend – Vaginal intercourse with daughter on two occasions – Made son masturbate in front of third complainant – attempted anal intercourse with son – anal intercourse with daughter – forced son to perform fellatio – digital penetration on third complainant A in company broke into house, shot at and wounded a man, then abducted a 15y girl (V) and forced her to engage in repeated vaginal and anal sexual assaults and fellatio.

Issue on appeal whether a lesser sentence would have been imposed if SJ aware that A had intervened to prevent V being assaulted with a wheel brace by a co-offender, and question of disparity. Systematic abuse of family members over long period of time – at 15y sexually assaulted 9y sister – cunnilingus and penile penetration – at 21y sexually assaulted same complainant aged 14y – digital penetration and forced fellatio – Between 21-33y sexually assaulted various female cousins aged 5-9y – serious breach of trust Sexually assaulted four girls aged less than 10y over 15 months – daughter of de facto and three students being tutored – touching inside and outside clothes – filming of child's vagina – exposure of penis – tongue kissing – rubbing penis against cheek – attempted penile / vaginal intercourse – breach of trust Sexually abused daughter of de facto aged 7-17y – rubbed and touched vaginal area with hand and penis – some offences committed with co-offender – offences committed in many different places – breach of trust Sexually abused four males aged 11-14 years – targeted vulnerable males – breach of trust – invited males to apartment and on outings – mutual masturbation and sucking of penis – partial anal intercourse – offences committed over 5 years Sexually abused 13y twin daughters of ex-de facto wife while in his care – Undressed first complainant and fondled vagina despite protests to stop – placed penis against vagina – Placed vibrator in vagina of second complainant then forced penile intercourse – Representative counts Husband and wife – sexually abused young children over 10 month period – abuse of trust – seven female victims aged younger than 12y – cunnilingus, fellatio, digital penetration vagina and anus, penile penetration – rubbing of vagina and breasts – took photographs – some V never identified – breach of trust Contacted young girls over the interview and conducted conversations about sexual activity – aware of the age of the victims – met 13y girl and committed sexual activity in motel room – penile and digital intercourse and fellatio – had penile / vaginal intercourse with different 13y met through internet – had sexual relationship with stepdaughter aged 12-17y – regular fellatio – found in possession of 1,300 images of child pornography including very young children, penetration, bondage and bestiality – disseminated 157 pornography images Offences committed against four step-children and one natural son all aged less than 11 years – penile/vaginal intercourse – forced fellatio – forced children to engage in sexual activity – forced fellatio on all children including 2y son - 1966-1974 – sexually assaulted daughter aged 8-15y – one indecent assault on second daughter aged 11/12y – wide range of sexual assaults including penetration by objects – pregnancy at 13y terminated – 33y delay Female corresponded with male in America – At male's request unsuccessfully sought to obtain naked photos of 13y niece – bribed and threatened – had 6y and 9y daughters undress and perform various acts including cunnilingus on each other – took photos and sent them to male – gross breach of trust – offences performed in home of victims Smoked cannabis with 15y males and supplied heroin on numerous occasions – engaged in sexual activity with complainants including fellatio and anal intercourse on more than one occasion – three complainants – offences committed over several years Sexually assaulted 5 males aged 12-16y – befriended family of two victims and commenced sexual activity with victims – indecent touching, forced fellatio and penile/anal intercourse – befriended parents of two more victims – on multiple occasions grabbed penis and genitals of brothers and their cousin Offences took place 1995-99 when victim aged 11-15y – stepdaughter – continued sexual behaviour over long period - masturbated while in bath with victim – sucking breasts and digital penetration – forced fellatio – cunnilingus – penile penetration Sexually abused daughter of former partner over 3 years – V aged 7-9y – videotaped some offences and transmitted them overseas – offences continued while child asleep – involved intercourse – extensive planning - also in possession of 729,000 images and 2,700 videos of child pornography – some offences in worst category Sexual abused 7-13y daughter – digital penetration – indecent touching of genitalia – forced touching and licking of penis – touching of breast – cunnilingus – attempted penile penetration – 10 delay – continued offending after being caught by victim's mother1990-1991 - Sexually assaulted niece aged 6-7y on nine separate occasions – digital penetration of anus and vagina, penile penetration of vagina, indecent touching, forced kissing of penis – detained victim in locked bedroom during one assault Sexual abuse of eight children over ten years – video recorded offences - counts reflect small portion of offences shown on recordings – some victims forced to endure sexual abuse over many years – participation induced by offers of alcohol, drugs and money – children in care of offender – children aged between 14m and 13 years – enormous harm to victims Sexual offences against 8y and 9y females over two days – friend of family staying with older victim and babysitting girls – digital penetration, licking breasts, tongue in vagina, indecent assault with penis, attempted fellatio, fellatio, penile/vaginal penetration - breach of trust – all offences committed in presence of other victim – not isolated incidents – degree of planning Sexually assaulted daughter aged 7-10y during access visits – placed tongue in victim's mouth during a kiss – digital penetration of anus – indecent rubbed of bottom and vagina – encouraged victim to touch penis and testicles – s.66A offence below mid-range seriousness Offences involved 6 teenage male complainants over 1997-2009 – contacted and groomed young men – one complainant under offenders care through DOCS – indecent touching, masturbation, oral intercourse and anal intercourse – took photos of complainants in sexual positions Gave gifts to victims and ingratiated himself with families – dominated lives of victims - indecent touching, simulated intercourse and anal intercourse – engaged in sexual humiliation – physical assaults included smacking on naked backsides with electric cord, belt and wooden paddle – unrepentant paedophile – enjoyed inflicting pain2005-2007 – sexually assaulted two stepdaughters – J aged 10-12y – digital penetration of anus – forced fellatio – sucking and touching of breasts - B assaulted over three months while aged 15y – penile / vaginal intercourse Pictures of young female child being sexually assaulted on computer – sent recordings of masturbating self or wife while communicating with male over internet – recorded wife sucking victim's penis for web cam1999-2007 – sexually assaulted daughter of de facto while living at home and subsequently during contact visits – victim aged 5-13y - touched vagina – forced touching of penis – digital penetration of vagina Moved in with mother of 3y female victim and assumed parental care and responsibility – failure as parent to provide necessaries of life causing danger of serious injury - 3y victim and 1y brother in bedrooms filled with dangerous equipment and furniture – frequently locked in rooms unsupervised – wrote letter to mother of children asking her to give false account – washed 3y victim with garden hose when she dirtied pants – on one occasion pushed hose nozzle into victim's vagina causing injury – cruel – no grooming – no sexual desire Sexually abused stepdaughter aged 13-16y over 3 years – forced penile / vaginal intercourse while sharing beds in hotels and taking rest breaks in motor vehicles – on occasions provided sleeping tablets – anal intercourse and fellatio – touched vagina – similar sexual misconduct on other occasions both at home and away travelling – offences towards mid-range Sexually abused daughter aged 7-11 years over four years – digital and penile intercourse – forced objects into vagina – fellatio – anal / penile penetration – forced complainant to rub penis – took photos of complainant in sexual poses – secretly recorded friends changing in complainant's bedroom – above mid range20 offences committed against seven male victims between January 2005 and December 2011 - at times when victims aged between 9 and 16 years - offender aged between 55 and 62 years when offences were committed – offender befriended the families of the victims and offences were committed in that context.