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27 Jan

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Jason Hreha is a product leader and behavior designer.

I was not familiar with Jon prior to reading his post, but feel it is incumbent upon any senior IT executive to read and assimilate his message.

Essentially, Jon makes the following points: * IT has traditionally been given a fixed budget and decides which of the many business unit demands it will satisfy with that budget.

" In response to this, the Bush administration set out to "change the heart and minds" of the rest world by "selling" America and its values to the rest of the world. Beers spearheaded the creation of the State Department's "Shared Values" campaign, whose goal has been to counteract the anti-American sentiment in Arab countries.

Through the examination of twelve presidents beginning with Woodrow Wilson and the journalist George Creel's attempts to mobilize mass support for the U. entry into WWI, Snow documents a 100 year legacy of White House propaganda efforts.

I always look forward to Chuck's posts--they're thought-provoking and reflect real-world feedback from his daily interaction with EMC's customers.

In his post linked here, he discusses a post by Jon Peirce, vice president of Global Infrastructure for EMC IT, which presents his thoughts on what cloud computing means for the future of IT.

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Nancy Snow is Assistant Professor of Communications at California State University, Fullerton and Adjunct Professor in the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California.

Their posts present a stark perspective that cloud computing is a watershed dividing the old from the new in the way IT operates.

One post is by Chuck Hollis, vice president of global marketing CTO at EMC.

There was that time you forgot to clean your room, and didn't hear the end of it for two or three entire days. It's how a nagging parent would respond, after all. The forced opt-in Remember that summer you signed up for art classes? Don't underestimate, and don't be afraid of using, the power of the forced opt-in.

In the wake of September 11th, the question was raised "why is the U. This was to be accomplished by appointing Charlotte Beers, a former advertising executive once nicknamed "the most powerful woman in advertising," to serve as U. In this book, Nancy Snow, the author of Propaganda Inc., and the forthcoming Information War, shows that this is hardly the first time a president has employed the use of propaganda at home and abroad to promote the themes of peace and freedom.