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27 Oct

We searched the Medline and Psyc INFO databases for controlled studies examining both adult ADHD and matched healthy controls.

Six relevant publications were identified for the meta-analysis, which had comparable data across studies with regard to the amplitude of ERP components related to target detection (P3, P3b).

The P300 signal is an aggregate recording from a great many neurons.

The P300 (EP300, P3) wave is an event related potential (ERP) which can be recorded via electroencephalography (EEG) as a positive deflection in voltage at a latency of roughly 300 ms in the EEG.

* P3 amplitude was found to relate to both reading and arithmetic achievement.

While the neural substrates of this ERP still remain hazy, the reproducibility of this signal makes it a common choice for psychological tests in both the clinic and the laboratory. The P300 wave itself is thought to be comprised of two 'wavelets' known as P3a and P3b signals.

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The Wide Range Achievement Test – 3rd edition was administered to assess aptitude in reading, spelling, and arithmetic.

Regression analyses indicated an independent contribution of P3 amplitude to reading and arithmetic achievement beyond the variance accounted for by IQ and school grade. These data suggest that the P3, which reflects attentional processes involved in stimulus evaluation and inhibitory control may be a biomarker for academic achievement during childhood.* The relationship between ERPs and scholastic achievement was examined.