Poems on dating

26 Oct

For it has stolen my body I act only on its will They say that love grows better with time it thrives on patients and trust, well there's no doubt within my mind this fact was based on us.Its just the little things you do which let's me know its true, that no one else within this world can take the place of you.

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Usually it falls upon a man to make the first move in starting a relationship. And when she does, you can imagine the exuberance, anticipation and relief our nervous gentleman feels.

Poor guys, it's no easy job, but it's obviously worth the sweat, stress and effort considering that they keep going for it time after time. What makes having a girlfriend worth all the time, energy and stress?

Every Year Every year that I'm with you Has been better than before; It's hard for me to even think How I could love you more.

Every year you've graced my life Has been full of happiness; I love your caring face, your voice, Your tender, sweet caress.