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18 Nov

That’s not to say prescription meds are universally malevolent. Andrew says, but should be used sparingly and only when truly necessary.

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One cup of watercress contains 4 calories, but delivers 106 percent of your daily value for vitamin K, 21 percent of vitamin A; 24 percent of vitamin C; 4 percent of calcium; 3 percent of potassium; and a touch of several B vitamins, as well as manganese, copper, phosphorous and magnesium.” This dense source of nutrients works wonders, contributing to overall health and well-being, providing the body with vital phytochemicals and serving as a means to prevent disease and ailments before they set in.

Are you one of the seven in ten Americans who are on some form of prescription drug?

You may have alternatives that can make you feel better, not jeopardize your health and unchain you from the tyranny of the nation’s pharmaceutical industrial complex. Rostenberg, a board certified chiropractic physician who practices at the Red Mountain Natural Medicine Clinic in Idaho, on common health problems that can be solved using natural solutions.

In a press release Packham explains: “The research takes an important step towards understanding the potential health benefits of this crop since it shows that eating watercress may interfere with a pathway that has already been tightly linked to cancer development.

“Knowing the risk factors for cancer is a key goal and studies on diet are an important part of this.