Php ini not updating

02 Oct

So i found that i have to put this (date.timezone = "Asia/Karachi") line in file. I have also tried to write this (date.timezone = "Asia/Karachi") line in htaccess file but it also didn't work.

So i have paste it into which is located at root of my site.

What statistics are available about use of

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I have about 4 different ports of PHP on this computer.

One from Entropy, one from macports, and the default Leopard install.

However when this is the case, my PHP environment doesnt work.

When leaving the leading "ini" extension from my php file, I can't even bring up in my browser.

What irks me is that whenever I try and verify modifications that I make to the file, nothings seems to update at several other changes that I've attempted within the include fastcgi.impersonate="1" fastcgi.logging="0" date.timezone="America\New_York etc.. Handler mapping for Fast CGI has all been redirected to reflect the above stated document pathways. Ultimately, I'm trying to get Dreamweaver to allow a connection from my PHP page to a small mysql data table. FYI, I installed the php Manager module for IIS and it now resides in my IIS Manager, which is really cool.This replaces, to a degree, a normal telnet connection, and to a lesser degree a SSH connection.Use the phpshell-devel mailing list for all discussion on PHP Shell.However php doesn't seem to be working in my browser. It was displaying loud and clear for the previous days that I've worked on this.Could it have something to do with my "root" username being changed in My SQL.