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28 Sep

In a week, Athena will have its official out of preorder launch when it’ll retail for 9 up from its promotional price.If you need a refresher on the device, here’s a short video: caught up with ROAR for Good CEO Yasmine Mustafa for more insight on the launch, a new local partnership, and what’s on the horizon for the startup.Sportsradio 94WIP is […]From the powerful roar of fighter jets to death-defying spins and drops in single prop planes, thousands of beach and boardwalk goers had quite the aerial entertainment Tuesday as performers for Wednesday’s Atlantic City Airshow practiced their moves.Philly startup ROAR for Good has been snatching headlines and wallets for the past two years, and now the startup’s highly anticipated first product — the Athena — has officially made its way into the hands of consumers.

“It helped, because I got to see what 'normal' looked like,” Roché says.

Experts say dating sites like this could be a result of millennials having a tough time finding jobs out of college.

Some people thought the idea was smart, while others felt it was unnecessary.

“Everyone ends a relationship by grieving the emotional investment.

For some people, that happens before they move out.