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27 Dec

She's looks very pretty when she's fresh faced with minimal make up and casual clothes. Paz de la Huerta -- who plays Lucy Danziger on the HBO show -- was wearing her "Globes" dress and an "I'm SLOSHED" look on her face when she tried to get into a party at the Chateau Marmont.And we all know that endless scrolling through your Insta feed is the opposite of mindfulness.While our neo-Luddite nightmares of extreme “phubbing” (snubbing someone in favour of your phone) are ubiquitous, we’re still struggling to strike a happy medium between rinsing the internet’s benefits without avoiding its black hole.Creatives are married to their devices and it’s hard to detox! I fantasise about just living off the grid in the woods but I know I need to make shit and be out there. I would also like to try and start emailing only certain hours of the day. When we did our first virtual ritual, 100 people tuned in from around the world. Talk about sex with your friends in public and ask stuff like, “Have you guys ever done a rim job on date two? ” Your work also looks to unveil the repressed desires that hide behind our “too busy” veneers.

We live in an age where the average person spends the equivalent of one day each week on their phone.Upgrade any one of the browsers below and it will make your internet life better - not just on Ranker, but everywhere!Paz de la Huerta was all set for a big morning today — the HBO show in which she bares all, “Boardwalk Empire,” was nominated for 18 Emmy’s, and hours later she was to plead guilty to second degree harassment for a boozy March scuffle at a hotel bar in the Meatpacking District.Sharing your most intimate fears and desires can be daunting, obviously, so you can keep it anonymous or use a pseudonyms if you want. But I also co-lead retreats and workshops that do some major energy-moving that doesn’t happen online as much. When I was sober, I was checking in with myself and making sure I wasn’t wreaking any energetic havoc on myself. We are basically raised in a state of trauma around sex.The whole idea being to help people deal with real life gripes in a (virtual) safe space. Sometimes I get overwhelmed, too many apps and hours behind the computer. When I’m uploading to Insta I consider it work, so I try and do it alone. You can’t show a nipple anywhere online but you can show heads being blasted off. My salon will be a space to explore, share, get weird, be real and dream up the space you want to be in both sexually and erotically.