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15 Oct

The law’s backers, however, showed no sign of retreating. Attorney General Roy Cooper, a Democrat challenging Mc Crory, said the legislation, known as House Bill 2, poses a threat to the state’s economy.

They placed blame on Charlotte city leaders who passed an expanded nondiscrimination ordinance that spurred the state legislation. “These are new, better paying jobs North Carolina won’t get because Governor Mc Crory has put his political ideology above all else,” Cooper said.

The online payments processor said it works to make sure its services aren't used to accept payments or donations that promote hate, violence or racial intolerance, according to a blog post on Tuesday night.“A young VC approached me last year…and he totally gets [my vision], but he said, ‘At the end of the day, it’s not about what I think.It’s about what every other partner and every investor in my firm will think.’”Kit Murray Maloney, founder of adult entertainment company O’actually, heard about the VC horror stories from other entrepreneurs and decided early on that she “wasn’t going to go anywhere near it.”“I did the initial research and knew it was going to be a complete waste of my time,” says Maloney, who is currently funded by an Angel investor who she says is “really connected to our vision.”If entrepreneurs decide to go the crowdfunding route, the problem they’ll face is that “people won’t rally publicly around sex,” reasons Gallop. This is about intimacy because a lot of couples are looking for solutions to maintain intimacy.”If sex innovators make it through the funding process, they may find that their business is too sexy for a bank, too.“I cannot open up a business account anywhere,” says Gallop.Dema Tio, the founder of wearable smart vibrator Vibease, quickly realized that crowdfunding would be a challenge after Kickstarter rejected his campaign because the platform doesn’t accept projects with “pornographic materials.”“In the beginning, a lot of people told me not to go to the tech industry [with this product], but to go to the porn industry instead,” says Tio, who created the product for his wife during their long-distance hiatus from one another. “Nobody will allow me to open an account for a venture that has ‘porn’ in the name …I spoke to the startup banks, I spoke to Silicon Valley bank, I spoke to Square One bank and they wouldn’t touch me.”Gallop eventually got a bank account with Chase, but “some senior guy” at the bank became uncomfortable with the nature of MLNP and told Gallop to take her business elsewhere.