Pastor rules for dating daughter

27 Jan

She could be across the country in Canada, or Mexico,” Lindow said.The family said they have filed a police report with Cibolo Police Department and met with a detective.Having just graduated from Milton herself, she has a fresh perspective on exactly what they’ll be encountering over the next four years.She decided to put together a list of “guidelines” that she’s hoping will help them navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of high school.UNIVERSAL CITY, Texas - Usually church members seek a pastors help in time of need, but now it’s the other way around.A local pastor is asking for help from others as he frantically tries to find his daughter. I have some disturbing news to pass along with you,” said Lindow in the video.Nothing like having your eventual father-in-law measuring your worth as a man based on whether you fork over 10% to his church or not.Watch Robert explain below why he pulled the giving record of his eventual son-in-law; and see the full-blown legalism of Robert's tithing doctrine as he explains how the boy was "late" in tithing by one day, and he explains how non-tithers can not expect God to give them "significance" if they don't fork over 10% on time.

It’s not uncommon for him to share his message online through video, but overnight something unusual did happen, causing Lindow to post a You Tube video overnight.“Hey church family and friends it’s Jan. The Lindows said they don’t know why Mikayla took off, but know she did so willingly.

While I made a mental note of the messy room and intended to revisit it momentarily, I asked what she was working on so seriously.

She looked up and said, “Mom, tell me what you think of this. I’m giving them to my ninth graders.” To give you a little context, Allie served as a small group leader to middle school girls on Sunday mornings at our church.

I walked into her room; she was sitting on the floor with her laptop.

Immediately obvious was her determined focus on something she was typing.