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05 Nov

In a well-publicized case last year, a pregnant woman gave birth to a baby girl while struggling to free herself from a tree.

Villagers had dragged the woman from her house and hung her from the tree, accusing her of sorcery after her neighbor suddenly died.

In the video, a woman with what appear to be wounds covering her body pleads with her attackers to stop: 'My son, stop it! "There's no real way they can prove themselves innocent," said one source.

"Once they're suspected they're basically done for, they'll be tortured and maybe killed as well." One woman is reported to have died in the attack.

Highlands divisional police commander Simon Kauba told the paper he was appalled by the crime.‘I don’t know the right words to describe it but it’s barbaric …

can you find the best word to describe such acts which are rampant here?

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Have you ever thought that your future wife may live in another country, and just searching for man for love?A shocking video has surfaced online showing four naked women in Papua New Guinea being burned and tortured for “remov[ing] and eating a man’s heart,” and other alleged acts of witchcraft and sorcery.The footage shows at least four nude women tied up, burned, and beaten while being prodded with hot wire and interrogated by a group of machete-wielding men. I didn’t do it,” screams the woman who is tortured most by the group.It is not clear from the video if he is dead or just unconscious. ” one man demands in the recording, which was uploaded to You Tube by the Commission for Social Concerns, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Papua New Guinea. “Once they’re suspected they’re basically done for, they’ll be tortured and maybe killed as well.” The news outlet was unable to confirm accounts that one woman had died as a result of the trauma.Witchcraft-related beatings and murder have long been a problem for the island-nation, with local government turning a blind eye.