Only ugly girls online dating

20 Oct

All membersstudied were heterosexual, with 75 percent males and 25 percent female.Using this data, they determined that the physical attractiveness of a potential mate was more important to men than women.I know how it feels to believe, deep down in your soul, that your whole life could have been so much easier and simpler and sweeter if only you were one of the beautiful people.

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One of the most telling incidents occured more than a year ago when a friend was using online dating site OKCupid.

So improve your chance of success by keeping an eye out for the following red flags as you sort through potential date’s profiles: Photos: Photos can tell you a lot about a potential date.

No photo, or a grainy, out-of-focus or outdated photo, are a sign that the person probably has something to hide, or else is not really serious about the dating process.

But Vondie Lozano, licensed marriage and family therapist, has some other not-so-obvious flags to add to the list.

Self-description: If the user name or headline is weird, overtly sexual or otherwise inappropriate — Bangyourdaddy, 69Reasons — you can stop there, says Trish Mc Dermott, a founding team member of