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30 Oct

At the time of writing (July 2014) the Dubai’s duty free rules can be found in the Passenger Customs Guide (3rd Edition 2014) published by Dubai Customs.

This guide is available for download from the publications section of the official Dubai Customs website. Outdated information is fairly typical of official Dubai websites.

Again the 2014 Passenger Customs Guide does not mention items that must be declared to Dubai Customs on arrival.

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Assume that every bad habit you've ever seen is imported into Dubai and you'll get the idea.Wireless video cameras can be used for investigations, mystery shopper, the monitoring and protection of property, detecting vandals, thief's and deception.Wireless video cameras are also extremely popular with wildlife enthusiasts; tiny wireless cameras can be used in bird boxes, beehives, up trees.The 2014 Passenger Customs Guide states that visitors to Dubai can bring in the following goods free of duty: The text on the actual website states that the cash limit is 40,000 AED. There is no mention of prohibited items in the 2014 Passenger Customs Guide.However, they are listed in the 2009 Travellers Guide. Prohibited items on the 2009 list include: Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) were banned subsequent to publication of the 2009 Travellers Guide.