Online dating how to say not interested

21 Nov

This is a great starter question that will open up the door for plenty of other fun communications.2. Finding out right off the bat if you’re even his type is an obvious must.I mean, if he likes a quiet, shy girl with a degree who loves to read and write and you’re more of an outgoing gal with a different event planned every day of the week, you might not hit it off.The dating game is hard, and online dating is a whole different ball game.

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I mean, it’s great they were attracted to you and clicked on your picture out of curiosity, but did they even take a second to read over your profile before sending over a message?So when one person decides he/she isn’t interested in pursuing the relationship further, it can be tempting to want to avoid confrontation or hurt feelings.Normally considerate people will justify completely disappearing by saying they don’t want to hurt the other person. Ignoring the energy invested in presenting your best self and opening yourself up to a new person, rejecting someone is actually a very difficult and stressful thing to do. Even though you are only saying "yes" to sharing a few hours together, the emotional investment and potential messiness are worth a whole lot more than her 12 dollar tilapia entree.