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22 Jan

However, discipline and focus are the true keys to his success.Without these, many of the tasks Okan begins will remain unfinished and he will fail to realize the true fruits of his abilities.Born on December 13, 1978, Okan Yalabık decided to be an actor during his secondary school years.He was involved in the theatre club activities of his school and then he wanted to a have formal acting education, so he started İstanbul University State Conservatory, Department of Performing Arts.

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Okan Yalabik - a male celebrity - born on Wednesday December 13th 1978, in Istanbul, Turkey,. Okan Yalabik loves travel, adventure, variety and meeting new people, and he longs to experience all of life.Yalabk attended stanbul University State Conservatory, Department of . Se graduo del teatro en el Conservatorio Estatal de la Universidad de Estambul. 16 , "39 Basamak", "", "Nukte", "Sirca Kumes", "Kumarbazin Secimi" "Inishmore'lu Yuzbas? There he was educated by professionals, one of which was Yıldız Kenter, a Turkish actress.After that, he started his professional career in TV series in 2000, with three major roles that followed.