Obsessive dating

25 Sep

That is what makes them great for what they do, Their attention to detail means they can prepare for any disaster and get the best people to carry out the task at hand.

It can be excruciatingly painful waiting for that phone to beep, even if the phone does beep, the only person we want to hear from is the guy we are madly in love with.

Measured eye contact ensures you won’t come on too strong.

In 10 Ways to Win a Girl’s Heart, I discuss how “physical contact such as hugging and holding hands can create trust.” However, too much touch and invading personal space, especially when meeting someone, can create an uncomfortable environment.

“A man who can listen well is a big turn-on for many women,” says dating coach Neely Steinberg However, a big difference exists between being attentive and being obsessive. But, the obsessive guy doesn’t notice these things because his eyes are transfixed on her chest. An attentive guy has an innate curiosity and asks questions because he wants to meet and make new friends. He believes a lie and daydreams that she’s the key to his happiness. He might ask a good question or two to get conversation started.

And since the nice guy can go overboard on attentiveness at times, I thought we’d distinguish between the attentive guy and the obsessed guy. The obsessive guy, on the other hand, asks too many questions. Most girls want a servant leader, a guy who is others-focused.