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16 Aug

The Imperium has developed its own method of recording dates, which needs a bit of explanation.

Most importantly, the years are always "Anno Domini" (AD) using the numbering system of our own present-day Gregorian Calendar, so the dates themselves are the ones that we are familiar with now.

Features: -A new player house -A full storyline -A companion who will travel with you -Ability to change companion equipment -Puchaseable horse for companion.The Imperial Dating System of the Imperium of Man, also known as the Imperial Calendar, is fairly complex in nature, and has been structured so as to deal with the vast amount of recorded history that exists in the 41st Millenium and the massive distances between settled human worlds, which can lead to long periods of isolation.Also the vagaries and time-warping effects of the Immaterium can make it almost impossible to keep accurate track of time over long journeys.Also she will have special things to do in specific occasions.(Ok, Ok I'll spill the beans, One of the things she will do is if your in market district, yes she will ask you to buy her clothes/armor/weapons which, at her house she can change into (note: usually Only vanilla armor/clothes, sorry, sometimes she just wont equip modded stuff)) Ahnassi is currently hanging around The Counts Arms in Anvil.