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09 Nov

You start with any of a world of symptoms and try to work your way back to the cause.We can't cover the whole gamut of problems you may encounter on the Internet, but we will certainly do our best to show you how to diagnose the most common of them.And along the way, we hope to teach you troubleshooting techniques that will be valuable in tracking down more obscure problems that we don't document. Checking the Cache Potential Problem List Interoperability Problems Problem Symptoms Before we launch into a discussion of how to troubleshoot a DNS problem, we should make sure you know how to tell whether a problem is caused by DNS, not by another naming service.On Windows hosts, figuring out whether the culprit is actually DNS can be difficult.For example, if you change IP addresses, your DNS A records will change.You’ll also change DNS if you want to add SPF records to help email authentication.

To use Registry Whois using the web interface: Domain Name: VERISIGN-GRS. The specification of the content and format of this data, and the procedures for providing access, shall be as stated below, until changed according to the Registry Agreement.

Use keywords to narrow the search (for example, 'domain root'). For each registrar, the following data elements shall be given: registrarid, registrar address, registrar telephone number, registrar e-mail address, whois server, referral URL, updateddate and the name, telephone number, and e-mail address of all the registrar's administrative, billing, and technical contacts.

Specify only part of the search string to perform a "partial" search on domain. Format The format for the above files shall be as specified by ICANN, after consultation with Registry Operator.

Windows supports a whole panoply of naming services: DNS, WINS, HOSTS, LMHOSTS, and more.

The stock Windows 2000 nslookup, however, doesn't pay any attention to these other naming services.