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14 Nov

Her work on human behavior has also appeared in NOEL KING, HOST: NPR's Invisibilia started a new season this summer examining the forces that shape who we are and who we will become.Today, Invisibilia co-host Alix Spiegel introduces us to a young man whose vision of his future self started at a dance party.Sarah Hagan has a passion for math, and the pi-shaped pendant to prove it.The 25-year-old teaches at Drumright High School in Drumright, Okla. Fewer than 3,000 people live there, and the highway humps right around it.After nearly 30 years, the Palace of Auburn Hills has announced that it will soon close its doors for good.Palace officials this week announced that Bob Seger's September 23rd concert will be the venue's final event.Home wasn't urban, but it wasn't Drumright, either. A podium decorated with a sign in pink, purple and yellow reads: "Ms.She hadn't planned on working in such a poor, rural district and got quite a shock when she arrived. There were no bulletin boards." And the floorboards squealed. Hagan, Teacher of Awesome (and by "Awesome" I mean "Math")." After each school year, she tears it all down and starts over.

The CROT’s principal cast features Danielle Talamantes as Violetta, Jason Slayden as Alfredo, and Stephen Gaertner as Germont.

Other members include Eric Ferring as Gastone, Erin Bryan as Annina, and Loralee Songer as Flora.

The principals and the ensemble will treat us to a few musical gems from their upcoming Paramount Theatre performances of Verdi’s Want to hear a how performance sounds when it uses her discoveries? IPR will broadcast a recent performance from Simpson College Opera tonight (April 23) at 8 PM and again Sunday at 11 PM.

This Week in Review, Weekend Edition host Rebecca Kruth and senior news analyst Jack Lessenberry talk about how businesses and the city of Auburn Hills itself will fare without revenue from the former home of the Detroit Pistons.

Rising profits and record sales are no protection from predators – or a boss trying to extract value before it’s too late. Their company is in play for the fifth time in roughly 20 years.