Norton 360 v5 not updating

07 Oct

Norton 360 is a powerful complete security software that protects your online activities, local wired and wireless networks, your important documents from loss by backup creation, optimizes the operating system and enables parental control to monitor and filter your child's computer use.This security kit includes award winning antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-malware and anti-spam engines, prevents identity theft, blocks hacker attacks, monitors Windows processes, launched applications, visited Websites, instant messaging, emailing, e-banking, social networking and other online activities.are monitored and are controlled by the built-in firewall.Other features included are Idle Time Optimizer (defragments local disks when your computer is idle), Report Generator (displays monthly reports related with the activity of this security software), Norton Community Watch (collects information about new potential security risks and submits them to Symantec for analysis).I give 5 stars to this product, Amazon Customer Service, and Norton Support.The activation key provided by Amazon did not activate this version of the software - see details below.When you receive this software you will notice on the top right corner of the box it will say March 1, 2011 and then underneath that it will say version 5.0.Perhaps this is referencing the red rectangular box above it that reads in White Letters PC Editors Choice.

Due to these issues, not all current Norton products are certified to run under every Windows operating system.

Not to be discouraged, you learn as you go, with a 500 Page Manual in on the dvd and a much shorter quick start guide. I wrote this review to warn you not to be misled by the date on the top right of the box, as I ended up returning the first copy I purchased thinking it was a 2011 release. All I can say about this software is that my computer is very secure since installing this and I know after receiving and installing that I made the right decision.

The prices on Amazon are very competitive which is why I purchased it here.

Regardless, this is misleading, since on the front of the box it says Norton 360 v6 and this is the packaging for v6 2012 release.

On the side of the box it will say copyright 2012, and the owners manual in will say copyright 2011.