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27 Aug

I don’t think divorce should define who we loved and who and how we grieve.

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I accidentally found a text message to her very early on in our relationship when he asked me to read a text on his phone.

I asked him about it right away and he said they were still friends and he didn’t want to stop talking to her. I have gone through his phone on numerous occasions (I know this is really bad of me) and I have found flirty texts to both his ex-wife and his other long-term ex girlfriend.

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Consequently, he accumulates an assortment of people (Narcissistic Supply) he can turn to whenever he has a need for them.I didn’t find that odd at first…until I noticed that more than eighty percent of the people on his Facebook were women ‘friends.’I was the fresh meat, getting the lion’s share of his attention and what I sensed right off the bat was that these women were very territorial.Since I was shiny and new, I garnered most of his time and affection and this didn’t sit too well with the other women in his life, who had been relegated to the end of the line.We love people throughout our life regardless of how a relationship ends.When we grieve the loss of a marriage from divorce, we also grieve loss of the future and loss of a life partner.