New trends in dating

09 Sep

VR Is Moving into the Dating Mainstream According to Tinder’s CEO Sean Rad, augmented reality (or VR) is soon going to make identifying singles easier than ever.

In a mixture of Pokémon Go and Adult Friend Finder, the dating giant will allow users to point the smartphone at people on subways or on the street.

As technology develops, enterprising programmers and web designers are constantly finding new ways to harness the internet to bring people together.

There was no Skype, email or even cell phones to keep in touch with someone that lived past the state line."Face Time already proves that the model works."Instamour founder Jason Sherman of Philadelphia says competition is increasing because "people are into the real-time aspect of face-to-face meeting on an app before spending the time and money and commitment to meet in person.""Got a minute? Real-time video dating from your phone," touts Flikdate's website.But some argue users won't flock to the video chat because their all-important first impression could be marred by bad lighting or poor camera angles that create an unflattering image.If they are hooked up to Tinder, they will then show up on their phone’s viewfinder as green (for single), or red (for taken).Specialist Dating is Becoming Huge Singles are becoming ever more demanding about the kind of partners they seek. Gym hounds want gym hounds, and kinky group sex fetishists well, you can guess what they want.