Netscape dating

14 Aug

A long time ago, I found out that my fianc, Fran, wanted to try being with another woman. Now Fran, who is now my wife, loves getting together with Gail. We have threesomes all the time, and it is awesome!So, for months I talked with her about it and told her that I used to work with a woman who might be into it. There are some rough spots where I have to make sure that my wife doesn't feel like I would rather be with Gail than her. I would have never thought this would be possible, but now that it's happening to me, I would almost believe anything!America Online, the largest Internet access service, said today it will acquire Netscape Communications in a deal valued at .2 billion.

Management questions With AOL's acquisition of Netscape, the company's president and chief executive James Barksdale will join America Online's board of directors after the transaction closes, but won't hold an operating post.Platforms are market structures that bring together complementary partners.Think e Bay, which pairs buyers and sellers online, or credit cards, which similarly connect consumers and the companies with which they want to do business."Netscape's brand, portal, and people will help turn the promise of electronic commerce into reality," said AOL chief executive Steve Case in a conference call."This is the right time to take this momentous step, and it's good news for all three [companies] involved." As part of the deal, Sun will pay more than 0 million in fees, plus significant minimum revenue commitments during the next three years.