Naked bow hunter

09 Dec

After a nervous exchange, the man revealed that he had been at electronic music festival Tomorrow World a few days before, but had been beaten up and left for dead in the woods.

‘Three guys, they beat the crap out of me,’ the stranger can be heard saying in the clip. ‘They stripped me down and they kicked me out.’ The naked reveller went on to reveal that until he had found the creek on his fourth day of looking – after three days of licking water off leaves.

‘I know I was confrontational at first, but I did save his life and I didn’t call the cops,’ he wrote in a post.

‘Sorry I wasn’t so trusting of a random stranger naked in a creek who couldn’t differ a dream from reality.’ ‘By far the craziest hunting story I will ever have!

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His intent was never to just merely know how to survive but to learn to live as one with nature as his ancestors had.

Even the nudity was fitting in without being exploiting.

I try to avoid spoilers in the first comment for this movie, so I just try give you an idea of what you might like about it: You don't have to turn away every other scene thinking: wow, this is stupid, why in world would he/she do that? And it's not explicit - meaning that even thought this movie contains cruelty, it does not show it off with lots of gore. It's still your basic thriller with some mild horror elements mixed in.

Mr Sanders said that he called a number the man gave him and took him to a main road where someone came to collect him.

He later defended his aggression towards the stranger to You Tube users.