Mythfilldatabase not updating

14 Nov

I used to use the excellent Radio Times XML data with the XMLTV grabber to get my listings for Myth TV.

When the Radio Times data was a little slow in coming over Christmas and New Year, I gave the EIT listings data a try.

The EIT data (pulling the programme listings from out of the DVB signal) mostly worked, but I think my little argos indoor aerial is not quite reliable enough. I can only assume that my DVB stream is too full of errors.

I’ve downloaded the latest radio times channels file from CVS and I’ve upgraded perl-XMLTV and xmltv-grabbers from yum (FC6) as there were new ones available, but I am still getting the same thing.However, when I went back into mythtv-setup, XMLTV was not listed as an option when setting up the source.The mythtv-setup app would just spit out errors saying Since I had it running in the past, I knew it worked, but I had upgraded Fedora and Myth TV since I had set up Myth, so maybe that script is missing from my machine, and I had not noticed. I've just installed Mythdora 5.0 and have pretty much got the system up and running - except for the channel listings.2008-09-03 .039 Error in 1:1: unexpected end of file (this is just part of the log, but seems to be the important bit) Prior to this I ran tv_grab_uk_rt --configure and made sure the .xmltv (in my case s-video.xtml) file was in /.mythtv When I go back into Myth TV there are no channels in the channel list for my video source - I have a feeling it might be something to do with files being in wrong locations??