Muddy wellies dating site

05 Jan

This material has been filmed under strictly controlled and monitored conditions to ensure the safety of all those involved.Any potentially dangerous activities should only be carried out under the trusted supervision of others and they should never be carried out alone.Muddy uk is a niche dating site, and one that is specifically aimed at country or rural people. What is true, however, is that it is run by country people for country people having gone live since 2007.If you prefer the trees, the grass, the stars in the sky and the lack of car noises outside your window at night, Muddy Matches may be your cup of tea.This is how the sisters came up with Muddy Matches, an online dating site and social networking community specifically for those of a country bent.Although their offbeat idea only became an online reality 18 months ago, Muddy Matches already has more than 10,000 members, and continues to grow at a rate that amazes its creators.

You don’t have to be chained to the keyboard in order to search for rural singles.At the time Lucy was living in London, but missed the rural setting that she had grown up in and she also missed spending time with people who enjoyed taking part in countryside pursuits.Emma and Lucy came up with the idea of Muddy Matches when they went out for drinks in London, and London has remained important in the growing success of Muddy Matches.Lucy attributes much of its success to the fact that people involved in rural life face serious challenges when it comes to meeting people by more traditional routes."If you've exhausted all the talent in your local pub, it's quite difficult," she says.