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02 Sep

Like late-night comic Stephen Colbert can attest, having President Donald Trump as a regular punching bag is great for business."I thought there would be a lot of interest in news," said MSNBC President Phil Griffin.

"I had no idea this would happen."It's especially noteworthy because the year after an election traditionally signals a slump in cable news ratings.

That is a dress that is designed to show off your girlyness…

don’t tell us that you’re crusading for an equal place at the table, because you’re not.” For the record, —not exactly bastions of conservative thought—disagree with Walsh’s assessment of “girly” attire, calling pink dresses and statement sleeves two of the biggest trends of the season.

With Safari in El Capitan you can subscribe to news feeds in the left sidebar and see an aggregated list of items that update automatically. This allows you to see the news from your favorite sources all in one place without needing to go to individual web sites. On this episode let me show you how you can use Safari as an RSS reader. Something that will allow you to see article headlines from various sources around the internet.

So recently I've been asked about RSS readers on the Mac. You can indeed find RSS readers in the Mac app store but a lot of the old ones are gone and a lot of the websites that did that kind of thing are gone.

Those two networks frequently duke it out for second place; last November CNN averaged 1.83 million viewers to MSNBC's 1.64 million, Nielsen said.

MSNBC took over second earlier this year and the gap continues to widen.

The numbers illustrate a surge in popularity at MSNBC, where politics has become prime-time entertainment.As if choosing a work outfit as a woman wasn’t enough of a minefield, if you choose a dress that’s too “girly,” you may be communicating that you’re your father’s property, according to Joan Walsh on MSNBC.On Sunday, the Salon editor slammed Ivanka Trump’s dress choice at a G-20 summit meeting, calling it “ornamental,” and saying it hearkened back to a time where daughters were shown off as nothing more than the property of their fathers.O’Reilly has denied the charges, saying he was the victim of a determined liberal campaign. Between 20, Fox News beat MSNBC by an average of 1.42 million viewers each week - and last week the margin sunk to just over 200,000. With the exception of two weeks won by MSNBC during the Democratic conventions in 20 - when Fox’s predominantly conservative audience found reasons to be away from the TV - the closest MSNBC had been to Fox in total viewers was losing by a margin of 178,000 viewers in April 2001, Nielsen said.