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17 Dec

From 31 October, Chinese users of the programme will also have to revert to Skype.

MSN Messenger was launched in 1999 to rival AOL’s popular AIM service - propelling the two into a battle to become the most-used instant messenger worldwide, the reported.

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Figures later declined as Skype gained popularity, and by 2012, Skype had nearly 300 million users.

Not when I can spend that time actually fostering a friendship with someone over a game we mutually like and that friendship eventually evolving into something greater. I don't think I could consider someone to be that close to me without knowing the individual rather well. Considering you have stereotypes of these nerdy, fat gamers and then onwards to the other extreme of these attractive, gamer girls.

Of course there's everyone in-between but yeah it might start off cool then go down like a lead balloon.

Back then, it was our way of trying to figure out who they were and how they fitted into the North London scene.

From the name of their school you could visualise their background and pretty much name their GCSEs.