Most intimidating walk up songs Uncensored video chat

29 Oct

Today, walk-up music is as much a part of baseball as spitting.

Players’ intro songs generally fall into one of two predictable camps: Opponent Intimidators (“Hells Bells,” Trevor Hoffman; “Iron Man,” Mike Lowell) and Crowd Pumper-Uppers (“Welcome to the Jungle,” Eric Gagne; “Thunderstruck,” Cole Hamels).

More specifically, I’m referring to the 2017 Orioles’ walk-up songs and entrance music, which is a topic that I think gets far too little attention from the Birdland fanbase.

Having recently discovered the “Player Music” page on the Orioles’ website, I spent a considerable amount of time analyzing our beloved roster’s song selections. Besides, if Gary Thorne can have his “Hitting the Books” segment on MASN, then I see no reason why I can’t have my own “Hitting the Tunes” post on Eutaw Street Report!

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Williams, who played the iconic anti-hero Omar Little in HBO's "The Wire." Williams' character is best known for his signature scar and his foreboding, shotgun-wielding walk that usually precludes violence. After adding adding 25 pounds of muscle this offseason and taking over the cleanup spot in South Carolina's lineup, SEC pitchers may come to feel the same way about Cullen.

There is one problem here though — every time Blair draws four balls this could start to feel uncomfortably self righteous.

John Jones, junior catcher: "God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash, 2006.

Most big leaguers fall in line, even if the music makes no sense for them personally.

The 2016 season resembled the golden age of walk-up song creativity for the South Carolina baseball program, highlighted by former starting pitcher Braden Webb's self-composed Christian rap entrance jam.