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29 Sep

Watson read the language of the Special Session Call, which calls for:"The constitution is very clear that the subject itself must be in the call. While lawmakers debated inside the Capitol, outside city leaders, business leaders and police chiefs from across the state held a news conference to oppose SB3."Passing this bill would be a self-inflicted wound of mammoth proportion," said Austin Mayor Steve Adler. The only thing the people of this state want this body to do in this building is to fix the school finance system.""I am not aware of any evidence that shows there has been a problem with men entering into women's bathrooms to create issues," said Austin Police Chief Brian Manley.

And the subject of participating in sports, which is what this bill says and what the author has indicated is her intent, is not in the subject of any of our calls," said Watson. "And if there were to be, we already have laws on the books to address that behavior.

Then I thought, “Something must be wrong with me.” I wondered, “Are my hormone levels off?

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Texas Senators voted Tuesday to initially pass Senate Bill 3 (SB3), the so-called 'bathroom bill,' by Sen.

Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham)."This bill will hit the, what I call, the reset button and provide privacy and safety that Texans expect," Kolkhorst said.

Limb bone morphology, bone strength, and cursoriality in lagomorphs.

Examining functional components of cover: the relationship between concealment and visibility in shrub-steppe habitat.