Microsoft dhcp server not updating dns dating and being a female preacher

03 Jan

This option is useful for organizations that haven’t configured reverse lookup zones where attempts to register PTR records cause errors in the event log.

The IPv4-only script and setup information is available from ISC DHCPd: Dynamic DNS updates against secure Microsoft DNS There is an alternative script that supports IPv4 and IPv6, but using the same premise as the above script is available at

Active Directory/DNS is running on Server 2012 R2 in 2012 R2 forest/domain functional levels.

DNS forward and reverse lookup zones accept secure dynamic updates only.

You can configure DNS registration at the server level or at the individual scope level on the DNS tab of either the IPv4, IPv6 or individual scope properties dialog box.

Figure 4-4 shows configuring DNS registration for an IPv4 scope named ALPHA.