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12 Oct

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The very natures of these debilitating diseases lend themselves to isolation; the bipolar sufferer who can\'t stop shopping during the period of mania may not be able to leave the house for months with the onset of the depression side of this disease.Instead of reponding to what’s actually happening or interrogating whether an attack was intended, this response immediately changes the conversation into a defensive argument where the only relevant question is if you’re an okay person that people care about.Like I get feeling this kind of reaction, I get having a knee-jerk response of fear and shame and self-loathing.Many times the chronically depressed person will not even attempt to become part of a relationship because they know how hard it is to try to go out with someone who can experience mood swings even while taking regular medication.Online dating services typically profile members as successful, smart, funny, highly functional people causing the mentally ill to feel too self conscious to join.