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Whether you love intramurals, the Berry Outdoor Leadership Development ropes course, canoeing, hiking, biking, lifting weights, fitness programs, disc golf, hammocks, walking or running, this campus provides a recreation experience as big as the campus itself.Plan to cheer on your Berry College Vikings and get involved in the hundreds of recreational opportunities open to you.ell-researched naval histories have an important part to play in understanding past events, but I would like to suggest they are equalled by contemporary accounts written not long after the stories they describe, and often by those who took part.Such near-contemporary accounts include the three volumes of THE MERCHANT NAVY by Sir Archibald Hurd. - The end of the U.28 - The cruise of the U.151 - The shelling of Scarborough - The misfortunes of the tug Flying Falcon - The "fish" hydrophone - Scandinavian Convoy attacked - The Dover Straits - The destruction of the U.48 - Another attack on the Scandinavian Convoy - The French coal trade convoy - The UB.56 mined pp.Berry has a long history of athletic success and we are proud to host 20 NCAA Division III athletic teams and an Intercollegiate Horse Show Association equestrian team.The Southern Athletic Conference is our home and it provides a place for healthy competition, hospitality and sportsmanship.They remain in print, but are still not widely known, and being out-of-copyright, can be found on the internet. 34 - 75Admiral Tupper in command - Strength and disposition - White Sea Trade route - The Arlanza mined - The Iceland Patrol - Adventures of armed guard in Norwegian barque Pestalozzi - Running the blockade - Disposition of the Patrols - The fish oil trade - The Deutschland - C.-in-C.'s tribute to the squadron - Experiences of armed guards - German prize captured - Difficulties of intercepting raiders - The Wilson liner Eskimo captured - Work of the squadron during 19 - Extension of blockade measures . 76 - 105British and neutral policy - Tactical rules - Effects of arming - Rapid development - Ports for arming - Admiralty instructions as to screening - Types of ordnance - Idea armament - Howitzers - Bomb-throwers - Depth-charges - Smoke screens - Paravanes - Inspection staff and Admiralty instructions - Tactical policy - Position at end of war pp. City of Corinth sunk off the Lizard - The ordeal of the s.s. Clan Murray - The escape of the oiler San Ricardo - Losses in June - The sinking of the liner Southland - Sinkings in the Atlantic - Escape of the s.s.

Parlons un peu des gens que l’on peut rencontrer sur ce camtocam, bon comme tout chat à roulette qui se respecte il y a évidement les traditionnels roi de l’humour qui ne manqueront pas de vous faire rire avec toutes sortes de situations comiques mais il y a également ceux qui tenterons vous faire régir ou de vous faire passer une émotion.In reading these volumes, I am surprised how partisan the accounts are. Stralsund - The "war zone" and neutrals - Shortage of trawlers - A year's work - Allied shipping situation March, 1917 - United States and the blockade - Call for more destroyers - Methods of patrol and disposition of squadron, April, 1917 - Losses in the squadron - Success of escort work - Wireless communication in the squadron - Experiences of armed guards - Action with raider British submarines in northern waters - The sinking of the Hilary - The Avenger and Otway sunk - Dearth of destroyers - Reduction of the squadron - The Hildebrand attacked - Loss of the Artois and Champagne - Break-up of the squadron - Vessels intercepted during 1917 pp.The Germans are still the Hun, but then the U-boat war totally changed the rules of "civilized" mercantile warfare that had reigned for centuries. 183-211A war-time innovation - Range-finding at sea - Principles of First experiment - Admiralty staff at Burlington House - Costs - Early stages - Differing opinions - Admiralty Committee on - Trials in Grand Fleet - Reports of British submarines - Enemy opinions - Statistical evidence - Allies adopt - Still experimental at end of war pp.In the First Battle of the Atlantic, Britain was by 1915 in desperate need of a countermeasure against the U-boats that were strangling her sea-lanes.Convoys, which had proved effective in earlier times (and would again prove effective during the Second World War), were rejected by the resource-strapped Admiralty and the independent captains.