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Date Completed: February 1982 (UW) Thesis Title: Tintern Abbey: An Historical and Architectural Examination of a Medieval Cistercian House Advisor: Wesley Stevens Name: Dubois, Danielle Date Completed: September 2014 Thesis Title: Representing refugees: Canadian newspapers’ portrayals of refugees of El Salvador’s civil war, 1980 – 1992 Advisor: Alexander Freund Name: Dueck, Dora Date Completed: May 2001 Thesis Title: Print, Text, Community: A Study of Communication in the Zionsbote, A Mennonite Weekly, Between 18 Advisor: G. Loewen Name: Dyck, Jay Date Completed: February 2012 Thesis Title: Name: Enns, Richard Date Completed: May 1989 Thesis Title: The Fur Trade at Norway House 1796-1875: Preliminary Considerations in the Discussion of Treaty 5 Advisor: Jean Friesen Name: Epp, Esther R. Date Completed: October 1978 Thesis Title: Missionary on Wheels: Frances Hatton, Eva Hasell and the caravan mission Advisor: W. 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For the next seven years, Torres found employment and popularity as a TV presenter and also tried her hand at modelling.

Sheffield born and bred, Baker has lived in New Zealand since 1996, while her sole sponsors (swimwear manufacturers Diana) are Italian.

In fact the reason she swam in Imperia – shaving 0.02sec off her world record – was to thank her sponsors.

Taking over from Amy Van Dyken on the second leg, Torres swam an ultra-fast 53.51, with team-mates Courtney Shealy and Jenny Thompson maintaining the pace as the USA quartet stopped the clock in a world-record time of .61, a full 1.3 seconds faster than the previous best set by China in 1994.

The Netherlands finished 3.22 seconds off the pace to win silver with a new European record.