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12 Oct

And Qu has not been shy about giving shout-outs to mayor. "We should expect our politicians to be exemplary," he said.

All of which is interesting, but does it make a purported romance between them fodder for public discussion? "But we should also - I think - cut them the slack that is from the perspective of the public to recognize that they are human beings, many of whom are struggling to do their best in difficult circumstances." Former B. premier and former Vancouver mayor Mike Harcourt often speaks to Cameron's students about the rigours of public life.

People believed it could quicken the mind, prolong life, improve judgment, lower fevers, induce sleep and cure dysentery...

The first major work to lay out the uses of cannabis in [Indian] medicine was the Ayurvedic [a system of Indian medicine] treatise of Sushruta Samhita written in 600 BC...

All of these candidates have obvious strengths that have put them on this list, but of course, they each have their weaknesses as well.

Here’s a rundown: The case for picking her: Vox’s Andrew Prokop ably summarized the pros and cons of picking Warren here, but suffice it to say she’s one of the most famous and popular Democratic politicians in the country, with a huge social media following and passionate fans among the Democratic base.

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She would attract considerable media coverage, preventing Trump from dominating the news cycle, and her reputation for fighting against corruption and corporate influence helps rebut Trump’s "Crooked Hillary" attack line.

2900 BC), whom the Chinese credit with bringing civilization to China, seems to have made reference to Ma, the Chinese word for Cannabis, noting that Cannabis was very popular medicine that possessed both yin and yang." Robert Deitch - Chinese Emperor Shen Nung Said to Discover Healing Properties of Marijuana "According to Chinese legend, the emperor Shen Nung (circa 2700 BC; also known as Chen Nung) [considered the Father of Chinese medicine] discovered marijuana's healing properties as well as those of two other mainstays of Chinese herbal medicine, ginseng and ephedra." - Earliest Written Reference to Medical Marijuana in Chinese Pharmacopeia "The use of cannabis for purposes of healing predates recorded history.

The earliest written reference is found in the 15th century BC Chinese Pharmacopeia, the Rh-Ya." National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) - Book of Exodus References Holy Anointing Oil Made from Cannabis "Holy anointing oil, as described in the original Hebrew version of the recipe in Exodus (-23), contained over six pounds of kaneh-bosem, a substance identified by respected etymologists, linguists, anthropologists, botanists and other researchers as cannabis, extracted into about six quarts of olive oil, along with a variety of other fragrant herbs.

Robertson's office issued a curt statement saying it won't comment on the mayor's personal life this week after Early Edition columnist Frances Bula reported an alleged relationship between the mayor and 31-year-old pop star Qu.

It's the first the public has heard about Robertson's marital status since he issued a statement this summer confirming his separation from his wife Amy.