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The duo was originally signed to the WWE in 1998, where they performed as a tag team for several years up till 2003 when Jeff Hardy was released from his contract citing several failed drug tests and his proclivity of not showing up at live events.

In 2006, Jeff Hardy was re-signed by the WWE and spent three strong years within the company enjoying a successful run as the Intercontinental Champion and a world title win before he was once again ousted due to recurring injuries.

Being trained by wrestling legend 'Doris Funk, Jr.', Mattthew "Matt" Hardy has become one of the most gifted and talented performers in sports-entertainment.

Before going into the WWF (Now WWE) along with his brother Jeff Hardy, the Hardy Boyz (or The Hardyz) ran their own promotion called Organization of Modern Extreme Arts (OMEGA) wrestling, in which Matt went into as High Voltage.

Especially, if you were surrounded by tons of attractive and feisty wrestlers.

Even world champion wrestlers aren’t strong enough to withstand that kind of torture!

The Hardy Boyz took the wrestling world by storm when they returned to the WWE at Wrestlemania 33 in Citrus Bowl.

The duo spent a better part of the decade performing for the competitors of WWE (Impact Wrestling) but finally returned to the place where they first tasted mainstream success.

Sometimes real-life stories head into the TV storylines.

5 Originally Published: October 29, 2005 Torch Newsletter #885 The following is the fifth installment of a two-and-a-half hour "Torch Talk" interview with Jeff Hardy conducted Sept. In this installment, Jeff talks about his suspicions regarding his brother Matt's version of what happened in the Lita-Edge controversy. Then I think back and wonder how many times have things like that happened since the time they had moved in together.

Wade Keller: Regarding your brother Matt's version of what happened with the Lita-Edge situation, was there anything that stood out where you really doubted him? So that makes me think, man, there might be more to the story as far as Matt looking like the one who was hurt the most.

The Hard Boyz, as their were referred, used a cruiser weight (someone who use acrobatic styles but usually one who is 6'1" or under and weighs less than 215lbs) fast-paced high flying style in their matches, doing damage to their opponents.

Michael Hayes (Michael Seitz) then became their manager, who then guide them to win the WWF(E) Tag Team Titles.