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06 Sep

Learn more Great Smoky Mountains National Park | Program #20552 The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited park in the nation. Experience this national treasure in a memorable way as you hike trails, visit the Cherokee Reservation, spend time at a Ranger Station and help with on-going research into the effects of air pollution in the park.

) is the most common and accepted form of polygamy, entailing the marriage of a man with several women.

Last year, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications published the magazine, . Their representation in the military is disproportionately high—and Native women are more likely to be sexually harassed, which increases their chances of developing post-traumatic stress disorder. The number of Native women applying to medical school has increased since 2003, peaking in 2007 when 77 Native women applied nationwide. In 2007, when Cassandra Manuelito-Kerkvliet (Diné) was named president of Antioch University, she became the first American Indian woman president of a mainstream university.

But at least journalism students, instructors and state educators in Nebraska are doing something to help end America’s ignorance of Native women and the contributions they make to their communities, their tribes and to the nation as a whole.

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The weekend is filled with worship, fellowship, prayer and quiet time.

Topics include "God's Message, God's Power", "The Traps of Unforgiveness", "The Message and The Power" and "Who Was Jesus? The keynote speaker is Pastor Mike Evans, founder of Wholeness Ministries in Bakersfield, CA. The 47th Annual Smoky Mountain Folk Festival will offer two nights of traditional music and dance from the Southern Appalachian Region.