Mate 1 intimidate dating

24 Nov

You might want to worry less about terrorizing or retro-fitting prospective suitors and worry more about preparing your daughter to choose wisely. Instead of intimidating all your daughter’s potential suitors, raise a daughter who intimidates them just fine on her own. It’s about the humble looking for those whose strengths offset their weaknesses and complement their strengths.

Because a decent number of those guys have some nutty ideas about what it means to be in charge.

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Sadly, I find myself in this situation a little too often, so by now I’ve got a system for dealing with my hurt feelings and bruised ego in the immediate wake of being rejected.

Maybe we should all start taking advantage of our guy friends and recruit them as the personal stylists we always wanted.

Perhaps I’ll brave letting them do my makeup next time.

They opted for a white turtleneck, classic black jeans, simple black heels and a faux fur shawl for a timeless winter look that Carrie Bradshaw herself would have been proud of.

According to the boys, the combination of curly hair, a hint of fur and a less-is-more approach to makeup exudes approachability, while they advised me to stay away from an all-black ensemble to avoid intimidating my date. Overall the experience wasn’t as traumatising as I anticipated.