Martin guitar history dating

16 Jan

As a further resource, Martin’s instrument builders also have access to a recently digitized archive of essential details about historic instruments.The museum and archives help inform Martin’s R&D efforts in a way that’s unmatched elsewhere. Martin is highly regarded for its steel-string guitars and is a leading manufacturer of flat top guitars. Martin & Company is an American guitar manufacturer established in 1833 by Christian Frederick Martin.In 1801, Johann Georg Martin sent his 15 year old son Christian Frederick Martin to Vienna to apprentice with Johann Stauffer – one of the preeminent guitar makers of the day. Martin’s innovative X-bracing, first introduced in 1843, as well as countless original body shapes and sizes (such as the famous Orchestra Model and Dreadnought models) have defined the acoustic guitar worldwide.Under Stauffer’s tutelage, Martin developed the skills and craft that have become his legacy six generations and more than 181 years later. Growing from a small shop in New York to its current Nazareth location with more than 600 employees, Martin guitars have continued to drive innovation while honoring tradition and legacy in the guitar world.Dating a Guitar to locate the year it was made - Locate the year your guitar was made to find out the possible value depending on condition.

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Visitors can see pictures of famous guitar owners, try out some guitars, or take a factory tour. 'Chris' Martin IV, is the great-great-great-grandson of the founder.

The company has been run by the Martin family throughout its history. The firm was the first to introduce many of the characteristic features of the modern flat top, steel-string acoustic guitar. Martin was born in 1796 in Markneukirchen, Germany, and came from a long line of cabinet makers and woodworkers.

Over the next 175 years, the company built by Martin grew in both size and reputation through five generations of owners.

Today, the company is one of the most respected guitar manufacturers in the world, with hundreds of popular musicians proudly strumming Martin Guitars on stage.