Malawi girl neked

13 Jan

If it’s all about fun, then Malawian women seem not to know the limit.

And for those who leak such pictures out of malice, we say, it’s shameful to deliberately do so.

It is allerged that she then sent the pictures to his secret lovers who unfortunately was later caught with the pictures by his matrimonial wife.

Unconfirmed reports states that the Woman Constable has since been relieved from her duties.

What really happens when such pictures are taken, nobody knows; but it has become a norm that men, these days, are not afraid to cease a moment and share with the world pictures of their, presumably, lovers or ex-spouses.

This is not the first time for a Malawian to have nude pictures leaked.

The Police officer only identified as Esther Chionjeza and it is allerged that she just graduated in the last pass out parade late last year.

According to reports, Constable Chionjeza who is reportedly to have graduated from Limbe Police Training School and was posted to Chileka Police Station had a secret affair with one of the Senior Police Officers during training.

“I can’t just release information to you basing on phone communication.

We need to meet and verify your authenticity,” Kadadzera told Meanwhile, it is not yet known whether Esther will be charged for indecent exposure.