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30 Oct

Mac Skype, currently at Version 7.x is one of the most ubiquitous and reliable cross-platform video conferencing apps: It isn't just for free & very low-cost long distance Mac VOIP video and voice calling.Check out and download the latest Linux video chat options.This can be a real time saver for letting young children use your Mac, without having to clean up a mess, or fix the problems they create if they change system settings.Parental Controls let you set limits on the use of the App Store, limit the use of email, set time limits on computer usage, set limits on instant messaging, control which apps may be used, limit access to the Internet and web content, and create logs that allow you to monitor how a Managed with Parental Controls account holder uses the Mac.And if you use a wide aspect ratio screen, i Chat AV uses patented anamorphic resizing techniques so that the video of the person you're chatting with fills the entire screen without distortion.i Chat AV also lets you size your video window to whatever size suits your style - from the large default of 352 x 288 pixels to full screen. i Chat lets you chat with folks thousands of miles away in a full-screen personal video conference over any broadband connection.i Chat (previously i Chat AV) is a discontinued instant messaging software application developed by Apple Inc. It supported instant text messaging over XMPP/Jingle or OSCAR (AIM) protocol, audio and video calling, and screen-sharing capabilities.

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If you don't need to control access to apps, printers, the Internet, and other system resources, consider one of these other account types instead: You can use the Parental Controls preference pane to limit the apps a Managed with Parental Controls account holder can access.

It provides access only to the list of apps you select.

It also only allows the user to edit documents that reside in the user's home folder. It helps ensure that they can only create a mess in their own home folder and that they can't change any system settings.

Check out my project that will take all of your conversations and convert them into one readable text file.

It won't convert just a single i Message, but it will collect all of your messages and attachments, back them up, and put them into a human-readable format.