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19 Sep

After all, there is nothing like a nice selection of crayons, a complicated pattern, and a little free time to distract a child from the troubles of the world.

Recently, this soothing childhood activity has been adopted by a slightly older demographic.

Rather, Lulu gives users multiple choice questions to answer.

Once those are completed, women can select from a series of pre-chosen hashtags to describe the guy. Things like #Mysterious, #Epic Smile, #He Invented Sex, #Will See Rom Coms. #Addicted To Mirrors, #Still Loves His Ex, and our personal favorite, #50Shadesof F—ed Up.

The idea for the app came to founder Alexandra Chong last February, after an especially fruitful Valentine’s Day ladies’ brunch.

“It was a big group of girls, and what was significant was that it was girls only,” Singer told us.

Lulu, a dating app designed to help women rate and share information about the men they date, has become part of online dating giant Badoo. Founded in 2011 by Alexandra Chong, the app was originally created to help women have a safer online dating experience by encouraging them to communicate with other women over the app about the men they dated.

“Women were really open about talking about dates, health issues, career moves, whatever.” The female-only atmosphere and the openness it fostered made Chong realize that maybe there was an untapped opportunity for girls to connect and share information about relationships and dating in the online space.

Her instinct was correct—so far, more than a million women have downloaded the app.

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