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25 Nov

Kajal, a 33-year-old senior government clerk in Sanandaj and the mother of a two-year-old, was repeatedly beaten by her unemployed husband.

He demanded she hand over ownership papers to the family home and the car she bought with her earnings.

The Iranian women's team play in hijab headscarfs, long-sleeved tops and tracksuit bottoms.

In 2014, the country's football governing body introduced random checks after it was revealed that four national team players were either men who had not completed sex change operations, or were suffering from sexual development disorders.

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Iranian soccer fans were left reeling earlier this week after eight members of the women’s national team were found to be men, the Al-Arabiya website reported on Monday.

That included Thomas Shea, a veteran former inspector with the IAEA, the U.

N.'s atomic agency, who oversaw the design and implementation of safeguards for the world's evolving nuclear facilities.

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