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29 Jan

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The News channel is controlled by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. The programs are in Hindi and the English language.

We did get to Paris and threw London in for good measure. Hence, sometime this week, if no miracle happens, massive water cuts will be put in place.

As someone pointed it out, it was never scheduled to turn our water off. Now, a couple of days ago, they announced massive cuts to water supplies for Rome because the lake that mostly feeds the city has reached its limit and the governor has forbidden to take more water out.

On Friday evening, from 6.30pm, there will be lectures and showcases of a risotto made with calamari, cooked by Alejandro Bello, the chef and owner of the El Lajar de Bello restaurant.

We got back home yesterday, just in time to prepare for Harvey. How precisely the city will divide up the water - between public places and institution and the general public - is not entirely certain yet. Trevi fountain and the boat fountain at the Spanish steps are even more often vandalized.